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Engineering Newswire: An ā€˜Unstealableā€™ Smart Bike

This Engineering Newswire looks at riding around on a super smart bike, chatting with the latest home robot and beaming down pesky drones

ā€˜Unstealableā€™ Smart Bike

Some of you may be familiar with the pain and annoyance of having your bike stolen. Thankfully, Dutch manufacturer VanMoof understands your pain, and has developed a smart solution.

Aptly named SmartBike, the innovative bicycle features a speed-displaying LED touchscreen built into the top tube. And it also has a chain lock, which makes it almost ā€œunstealable.ā€

Zenbo Robot Controls Your Home

Electronics and hardware company ASUS just unveiled the latest home robot named Zenbo.

The limbless companion is designed to assist the busy modern family with everyday tasks, such as reading a recipe while you prepare dinner, entertaining your children, or even controlling connected smart devices.

Beaming Down Pesky Drones

Pesky drones flying too close to U.S. airports have caused quite the controversy this year. To combat these negligent fliers, the U.S. government is trialing a defense system at select airports that scans for unmanned drones before using radio beams to stop them.

The Anti-UAV Defense System (AUDS) is capable of detecting potential threats up to 6 miles away through an electronic scanning radar. When an incoming drone is identified, the system uses infrared and daylight cameras to track its flight path. It then fires a 4-watt directional beam to the drone to jam its radio signals.

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