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MM Blog: BMW's Enhanced Augmented Reality Helmet

A look at an augmented reality concept helmet from the people who bring you sheer driving pleasure.

At CES this year, BMW’s motorcycle group and tech company DigiLens showed off a next-generation concept helmet with a built-in heads-up display or HUD.

Essentially the helmet has a “Google Glass”-like augmented reality headset built into it that shows useful information like speed and fuel, plus more advanced features like road sign recognition and vehicle-to-vehicle integration to warn of upcoming dangers on the road. The helmet's functions are actuated with controls on the motorcycle’s left handlebar.

The helmet also has a forward-facing action cam that can record your ride, GoPro-style, and a rear-facing camera that can be used as a virtual rear-view mirror in the heads-up display.

While it’s still a concept, BMW expects to make the helmet for real and available for sale in 2017.


 Will this make motorcycle’s safer to drive or could AR be more of a distraction? In what other applications could a built-in HUD be handy?

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