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MM Blog: Charging EVs With Tires

A look at a concept Goodyear hopes can harness tire power to charge electric vehicles.

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Goodyear recently unveiled a concept tire that could charge electric vehicles when they’re on the road or even when parked. Called the BH-03, the tire generates electricity from heat in two ways. A thermo-electric mesh inside the tires transforms heat caused by road friction into electricity. But even while parked, the car gains a charge as the tires absorb as much sunlight and therefore energy as possible, through an ultra-black material.

Additionally, pressure from tire deformation that occurs on the road translates into electricity through the use of a piezo-electric material within the tires. To prevent these tires from growing too hot, however, there are also a built-in cooling system. Still in the early stages, the concept’s finer details and a timeline for release are still undisclosed.


Could this be the answer to electric vehicles’ range limitations? Aside from the electric vehicle market, where else could this technology be implemented?

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