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Manufacturing Minute: The Self-Driving Warehouse Robot

In this episode, the world’s first self-driving warehouse robot.

In this episode, the world’s first self-driving warehouse robot. 

This week Clearpath Robotics, a Canadian manufacturer, announced the release of a self-driving warehouse robot. Dubbed OTTO, this handy robot is designed for heavy-load transport within industrial environments.

According to the manufacturer, OTTO is ideal because traditional material handling systems can be expensive and any infrastructure changes make adapting to a new environment difficult. OTTO can transport 3,300 pounds at up to 4.5 mph, while also tracking optimal paths and avoiding any possible collisions.

OTTO has also secured the backing of industry giant GE, who announced that they would partner as a strategic investor with the robotics manufacturer.


Are automation systems like OTTO or Amazon’s Kiva robots indicative of a broader industry trend? Could these industrial innovations give manufacturers an edge against low-cost offshore competition?

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