VIDEO: US Grocery Stores Are Missing Out on Ethnic Food Trend

Are American supermarkets missing out on a big sales opportunity by not stocking enough ethnic foods? A new study says more than half of ethnic food consumers claim to have to visit three or more specialized stores to find the full product selection they desire.

Whether your grocery shopping preferences lead you to Trader Joe's, HyVee, Whole Foods, Target or Piggly Wiggly, each supermarket is bound to have one thing in common: big fancy displays jumping out at consumers for their attention on the greatest and newest food items. 

But a new study says there is one area in the store that has remained out of the spotlight — the ethnic foods aisle. The Loyalty One study says that although many grocery stores are working to improve this selection, 63 percent of these shoppers are dissastisfied with the ethnic food and ingredients provided. 

What's more is that more than half of ethnic food consumers claim to have to visit up to three or more "specialized stores" to find the full product selection that they desire

So are supermarkets losing out on a big purchase opportunity here? While I have not delved much into ethnic food cuisine, I do remember once having to drive to three stores before finding quinoa. Granted, this was also a few years ago when quinoa wasn't quite the superfood that it is in America today, but I believe grocery stores have a lot of room for growth in this area. 

Video Credit: The Lempert Report
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