Coffee Lover? Cookie Fanatic? Now You Can Have Both in One!

KFC restaurants in Britain are soon rolling out the Scoff-ee Cup, an edible coffee cup made from a cookie. The chain will debut the wafer-coated, sugar-papered white chocolate cups around the same time the it plans to introduce Seattle's Best Coffee.

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Hungry? Thirsty? Now you can have your coffee and eat it, too! 

KFC restaurants in Britain are soon rolling out the Scoff-ee Cup, an edible coffee cup made out of a cookie. I think I've about died and gone to Heaven!

Operated by Yum Brands, the chain is looking forward to debuting the wafer-coated, sugar-papered white chocolate cups around the same time the restaurant plans to introduce Seattle's Best Coffee, which is part of Starbucks.

In a statement, Jocelyn Bynoe, brand manager for Yum's international operations, said the new cup addresses several of the trends the food business is experiencing today, including consumer concerns about sustainable packaging.

"We have been experimenting with edible packaging to see if it could be a feasible product to bring to market in limited quantities," Bynoe said.

But KFC isn't the first company to dabble in edible packaging. Coolhaus offers its ice cream sandwiches in potato starch wrappers printed with inks made from vegetables. And the Italian coffee brand, Lavazza, enjoyed a similar edible cookie cup; the Crunch Cup.

The Scoffee-Cups were designed in partnership with The Robin Collective.These experimental food experts infused the cups with scents that are said to help improve mood. Some of the scents include coconut sun cream, wildflowers and just-cut grass. Why? According to the experts, these are scents that consumers want to smell while drinking coffee and eating cookies. Strange...

The Good:

As you drink your joe, the chocolate lining on the cup begins to melt, making your coffee even sweeter. Once you finish drinking your coffee and it's time to eat the dessert, the cookie is softened and basically melts in your mouth. Mmmm!

The Bad:

What happens when you can't wait to eat the melt-in-your-mouth cookie? As we all know, there are a few less-than-smart people among us, and I think this just might be a lawsuit waiting to happen. I can picture it now: Consumer A is drinking their coffee, takes a bite (or three or four) out of the cookie cup, and OUCH! — the hot beverage is spilt all over his or her lap, causing burns and a very angry consumer.

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