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4 Innovative Finds at PROCESS EXPO

Didn’t make it to PROCESS EXPO? We’ve got you covered with a few innovations we found in the exhibitor halls.

There was tons to see at PROCESS EXPO in Chicago this month. And after hours of moseying around the exhibitor halls, here are a few innovate products that caught our eyes.

Alginate Sausage Casings from Vemag
Algae innovations are everywhere — including these up-and-coming sausage casing products that were on display by Vemag. According to the company, the casings are a more wallet-friendly alternative to their collagen counterparts. And because they are 100 percent vegetarian, they’re a great option for meat-free products.

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Plus, the Vemag Alginate Line runs on a coextrusion system with one line to portion the meat and the other to pump the alginate, that, along with dividing belts, allows the producer to crank out 800 pieces of sausage per mine.

Silicone-free Conveyor Belt Lubricant from RMC
According to Rochester Midland Corporation, a specialty chemicals manufacturer, the Tensaglide Dry lubricant is in a class all its own. Because it’s silicone-free, the lubricant doesn’t gunk up conveyer belts, and it doesn’t unleash torrents of foam on manufacturing plant floors.

Plus, the water-based formulation racks up sustainability points because it requires less energy and water usage. The lubricant works on all kinds of conveyer systems, and is especially designed for belts transporting cans, glass and PET bottles.

Ice Cream Stabilizers from DuPont
Though it’s not a brand-new product, DuPont was highlighting IcePro Ice Cream Stabilizers they say are a sweet and high-quality addition to frozen desserts. The tailored blends are designed allow manufacturers to meet nutritional targets by reducing fat and milk solids in their recipes. The blends also deliver a smooth and creamy texture that stands the test of time with a longer shelf life.

The result? A pretty tasty treat that this writer had to scarf down shortly after this photo was taken (for research, of course).

X-Ray Equipment from Mettler Toledo
The X36 X-ray Series is the latest and greatest x-ray machine from Mettler Toledo. Contamination is the enemy of food producers and the machine promises to inspect it all — from small packaged products to bulk applications.

Equipped with a nifty touch screen, Mettler Toledo says this machine is the most adaptable x-ray system on the market thanks to its reliability, its software capabilities, its size and its attention to hygienic design.


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