Wind Energy Brings 260 Jobs To Kentucky

Wind turbine producer will operate a $6.1 million plant in Morgantown.

MORGANTOWN, Ky. (AP) - A company that makes wind turbines to produce energy will locate a $6.1 million plant in Morgantown, eventually creating 260 jobs, officials said.
Wind Energy, based in Elizabethtown, will share a facility on 17 acres with Dynastrosi Laboratories. The building is leased from the city at minimal cost because of necessary investments to renovate the plant, officials said.
The turbines will be able to operate in wind velocity as low as 4 miles per hour, the company said. It is intended to be a ''green'' power source for multiple types of users and provide electric power to developing regions globally, Wind Energy said.
Manufacturing is planned to start by the end of the year.
Wind Energy President Greg Thompson, who was in Morgantown on Thursday for the announcement, said the company's ''helix-style'' turbines catch wind from any direction and can rest on building tops and ridges, making them more versatile than traditional windmills.
The Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority gave preliminary approval for tax benefits up to $3.4 million. The state also approved $595,000 for the company's headquarters, which will be expanded by 35 full-time, highly technical or executive positions.
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