MM Blog: Using Mind Control To Drive

A look at technology being developed that would allow you to control your car with your mind.

Right now, the automotive industry is rapidly changing with the introduction of new technology. Just when you thought you heard it all with Tesla’s Autopilot or even Nissan’s shape-shifting concept car, here comes a new idea: a car you can drive using mind control technology.

Chinese researchers have created the country’s first car that they say is directed by nothing but brain power. The driver wears special headgear to capture brain signals using 16 EEG sensors. The driver’s brain signals are then translated through a computer program that selects the relevant command for the car.

The driver is able to move the car forward and backwards, stop it and lock and unlock the car without moving their hands or feet. Since the car can’t make turns, there are currently no production plans, but researchers say the technology could potentially be combined with self-driving cars in the future.



How else could this “mind control” technology be utilized? If implemented, what steps would be necessary to regulate this throughout the industry?

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