China’s Traffic Straddling Bus Comes To Life

Mnet 192056 Teb1 Ap

Earlier this year, a Chinese company released model images of a “straddling bus” intended to be a solution to China’s notorious traffic problems by elevating over the roadway and allowing cars to drive underneath. Well, the company has gone ahead a built one and tested it Tuesday in the Chinese city of Qinhuangdao.

Name the TEB-1, or Transit Elevated Bus, appears to ride along rails and stops at elevated platform stations for passengers. The TEB-1’s designer indicates that prototypes are being constructed, and that five cities — Nanyang, Qinhuangdao, Shenyang, Tianjin and Zhoukou — have signed contracts for pilot projects.

Take a look at the TEB-1 here and tell us what you think by leaving your comments below:

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