Upgraded QC Software Suite Enhances Data Collection

The platform offers simplified, reliable and more affordable quality control data access.

Trendable For Data Collection

Argolytics LLC recently unveiled their TRENDABLE for Data Collection version 2.0 for quality control and inspection data. Features include:

  • A design specifically for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Fully customizable templates allow for collecting measurements, visual defect information, and viewing Pass/Fail situations from any online device.
  • Real-time graphs and corrective action prompts allow users to identify trends before an out-of-spec product is made.
  • Gauge Tracking allows for keeping track of gauge performance over time. Inspectors indicate which gauge they used during a QC check, and the software automatically associates that gauge with the measurement taken, allowing users know when to re-calibrate.
  • Run Charts & One-sided Limits assist with processes that only have an upper or lower threshold. Customizing the graphics displayed helps simplify compliance and provide more control.
  • Measurements can be automatically stacked when collected by different team members at different times. 


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