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Making Real-Time IT Monitoring And Management A Reality

Starview Inc.™, provider of the industry’s leading Operational Intelligence (OI) technology, announced the general availability of Starview’s Orion, a new family of pre-configured OI applications designed to help IT Operations teams easily and quickly monitor, analyze and act on patterns, anomalies or opportunities within massive amounts of machine-generated data in motion.

San Jose, Calif. — Starview Inc.™, provider of the industry’s leading Operational Intelligence (OI) technology, announced the general availability of Starview’s Orion, a new family of pre-configured OI applications designed to help IT Operations teams easily and quickly monitor, analyze and act on patterns, anomalies or opportunities within massive amounts of machine-generated data in motion. IT Operations teams that use Orion applications gain immediate insight into what is happening in a true real-time moment, and can apply unique business rules to large amounts of data. The result is that businesses are maximizing IT uptime, meeting security demands and lessening IT management requirements. 

“Today's senior IT executives are looking for more advanced, real-time operational intelligence to help them better optimize IT's asset and control costs," said Evan Quinn, Principal Analyst at QuinnSight Research.  "Capturing the massive amounts of machine-generated data, and providing real-time intelligence based on that data to improve decision-making is the solution.  The highly scalable Starview Orion family of analytic applications is purpose-designed precisely to help IT take the next, intelligence-driven, step beyond the functionality of older IT operations monitoring.”

Most IT Monitoring and Management tools are designed for a single function in IT and not architected for the complexity of today’s environments, offering solely the ability to filter and summarize log files within one data source without the ability to perform granular analysis of events.  The result is a lack of actionable insight into IT data. In contrast, Orion takes advantage of Starview’s unique and patented Active Model which enables the configuration and replication of real-world objects, or “actors,” in a virtual environment that runs within the Orion ecosystem, enabling real-time state monitoring and analysis of what is happening across an organization’s infrastructure. The result is true Operational Intelligence. To find out more about how Orion works and the Starview Active Model, visit:

Orion Offers Three Pre-Configured Applications for Specific IT Use Cases

Orion’s family of applications includes three IT Operations Monitoring and Management solutions with more planned for generally availability by the end of 2013. All Orion applications integrate with one another and take advantage of Starview’s patented Active Model technology, making deployment and additional configurations simple. The three applications available now are:

 Orion for Virtualization Management™ for today’s enterprise that is deploying Virtual Machines (VMs) and needs critical visibility into virtual infrastructure, helping organizations to diagnose systems when things go wrong.  With Orion for VM, IT Operations teams can:

  • Monitor and manage all the key components of VMs and deployments, including hypervisors, Guest OS, VM-deployed applications, private, public and hybrid cloud deployment, and hardware CPU usage.
  • Integrates easily with other virtualization management solutions such as those available from VMWare as well as HP’s OpenView.
  • Deploy a VM Management system that sits outside of an organization’s VM infrastructure, without having to spend time and money making costly changes.
  • IT Operations teams can monitor VM activity in real time without the extensive—and expensive—actions required for implementing management and monitoring systems throughout the whole of your VM deployment.
  • Integrates with other Orion applications so IT Operations personnel can see what is happening across the whole of the Line of Business’ infrastructure.

Orion for Server Management™ is designed to help IT staff managing physical data centers of every size ensure that physical servers are running at optimum capacity, avoiding costly crashes and downtime, while shortening the mean time to repair.

With Orion for Server Management, IT Operations teams can:

  • Monitor, identify and diagnose server problems in real time without interfering with running systems.
  • Set up alerts or outbound integrations to either inform IT staff of anomalies or trigger predictive and preventive actions for avoiding potential issues.
  • View logs, configurations, messages, traps and metrics all in one centralized location from Orion’s rich, web-based dashboard.
  • Monitor all server-generated data in real time, including memory, disk space, Disk I/O, web servers, Hardware CPUs, OS performance, and message queues.
  • Predict failures before they happen.
  • View sensor and system event logs.

Orion for Distributed Application Management™ helps IT teams combat the many points of potential failure, as well as monitor and analyze huge amounts of machine-driven data in order to pinpoint and then, fix, problems before and after they arise. Orion for Distributed Application Management enables IT teams to monitor what’s happening across the whole of a distributed application architecture in real time. With Orion for Distributed Application Management, IT Operations teams:

  • Gain a 360-degree view of what is happening across an application lifecycle.
  • Monitor Web logs, Log4J, JMS,  JMX, .NET events, Back-ups, Databases, Workflow engines, scripts and proprietary code.
  • Make rapid decisions to avoid costly downtime of both internal and external applications that can directly impact a business’ bottom line.

“Today’s release of Orion marks the beginning of a new phase of growth for Starview, and we are excited about the possibilities,” said Jerry Meerkatz, CEO, Starview.  “The pre-configured nature of Orion applications makes success and adoption for IT organizations rapid and simple, while providing Starview with the ability to pursue a two-prong go-to-market strategy that includes the continuation of an enterprise sales and business development strategy through the Starview Enterprise Platform as well as a volume-based revenue model that the addition of Orion to our product arsenal brings to the table.”

About Starview Inc.

Starview Inc. is the provider of the industry’s leading Operational Intelligence (OI) technology. Starview’s products, the Starview Enterprise Platform™, and Starview’s family of Operational Intelligence applications, Orion™, offer organizations the ability to maximize the potential of large amounts of fast-moving, fluid data in real time; pulling meaningful and complete context out of the complexity and vastness of Big Data events. The result is actionable insights that dramatically create value for businesses. Starview customers use the company’s ew customers use the company’s  erthat'ing in-the-moment opportunities ysts are buried in Big Data. e on opportunities across a patent-pending Active Model technology to monitor and manage IT Operations, such as virtualized and traditional servers, complex distributed applications and software defined networking, as well as complex business solution deployments such as fraud protection, waste mitigation, transportation and logistics and more. Starview’s products are used by some of the world’s most innovative companies in a wide variety of industries including telecommunications, manufacturing, financial services and energy and utilities, enabling them to improve efficiencies, identify new revenue opportunities, streamline operations and avert threats. For more information, please visit

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