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ProFicient 5.1 Introduces OEE Dashboards

Dashboards within ProFicient InSight provide a consistent summary performance metric for executives to monitor and improve manufacturing processes across the enterprise, and drill down capabilities that summarize real-time Manufacturing Intelligence data and provide actionable insight.

FAIRFAX, Va. – InfinityQS International, Inc., the global authority on real-time quality and Manufacturing Intelligence, announces the availability of ProFicient 5.1, the latest version of its Manufacturing Intelligence platform. Powered by a Statistical Process Control (SPC) software analytical engine, ProFicient 5.1 offers manufacturers the ability to heighten visibility across the enterprise with Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) dashboards within the web-based Manufacturing Intelligence portal, ProFicient InSight.

Michael Lyle, president and CEO, InfinityQS, said, “The addition of OEE is a significant enhancement to the already powerful ProFicient InSight Manufacturing Intelligence portal. The new analytics and benchmarking capabilities provide users with drill down OEE metrics backed by the full functionality of our flagship quality and Manufacturing Intelligence platform.”

The new OEE dashboards display a consistent, summary performance metric for executive-level management to monitor and improve manufacturing processes. Drill down capabilities summarize Manufacturing Intelligence data and provide actionable insights to help focus and prioritize both manufacturing process and quality improvement efforts.

Benefits of ProFicient 5.1 OEE Dashboards

  • Monitor current OEE performance metrics and monthly trend OEE summaries that span global organizations anytime from anywhere to improve manufacturing processes.
  • Determine a strategy to focus improvement efforts with filtered dashboards that compare metrics for plants, production lines or shifts.
  • Understand how OEE components—Availability, Performance and Quality—relate using accurate data from the unified data repository and share best practices with underperforming operators.
  • Identify specific sources of production issues with the OEE actionable indicators and drill down metrics that summarize real-time Manufacturing Intelligence data.

InfinityQS ProFicient is a proven Manufacturing Intelligence platform powered by a robust, centralized SPC analytical software engine. With flexible deployment options, ProFicient enables global manufacturers to proactively monitor, analyze and report on Manufacturing Intelligence to improve quality, decrease costs and make smarter business decisions.

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