Apttus Announces X-Author For Excel

SAN MATEO, Calif.Apttus, the category-defining Quote-to-Cash solution provider, has announced the general availability of X-Author for Excel, a groundbreaking addition to its existing patent pending X-Author solutions. The solution allows Salesforce users to use the Excel UI for many of their Salesforce tasks, enabling simple and quick contributions to revenue and business critical information across the company. Separately, it also addresses issues faced by companies in possession of thousands of stand-alone spreadsheets on desktops and shared drives. In these cases, X-Author for Excel allows enterprises to continue using these spreadsheets in a secure, structured environment, movingthem into the cloud via the Salesforce platform, enabling instant sharing and an infinite number of use cases.

For existing Salesforce users, Excel delivers a substantial productivity boost – up to 90 percent - for tasks like opportunity forecasting, marketing promotions, and case management that are generally easier to complete in Excel. For previously stand-alone spreadsheets, this Excel data can now be instantly available inside Salesforce providing immediate enterprise visibility and routing of spreadsheet data while users continue to work in their familiar Excel environment. In all cases, Salesforce controls are tightly enforced to ensure security and reliability.

Other benefits of deploying X-Author for Excel include:

      • Increased usage and adoption of Salesforce
      • Working offline and syncing data when reconnected
      • Centralization of Excel templates in Salesforce, eliminating manual routing and  incorrect spreadsheet versions
      • Continued ROI from existing spreadsheet content
      • Full capabilities and details of X-Author for Excel are linked here, as well as in recent AppExchange listings.

“After implementing X-Author for Excel, we are planning to manage our opportunities and quotes offline and online, leverage Salesforce approvals directly in our Excel worksheets, all while allowing users to stay in a familiar environment,” said Ilya Adler, senior business analyst at Zhone Technologies. “Having this system in place will benefit our day-to-day operations and speed up our general business procedures.”

“X-Author for Excel is a bold step forward – unlike many other tools, it positions the familiar features of Microsoft Excel as a UI for everyone - end users and administrators,” said Jules Ehrlich, vice president and general manager of advanced solutions at Apttus. “Our tool lets IT and System Administrators create new or modify existing templates that can then be used by account executives, HR, financial teams and others to work securely and safely in Excel. Instead of using Excel as just another data loading tool, we’ve positioned it as an integrated, inviting interface for end users through the power of the Salesforce platform.”

For more information visit: apttus.com.

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