Siemens PLM Software Releases New Versions Of D-Cubed Software

CAMBRIDGE -- Siemens PLM Software announces the immediate availability of Version 45.0 of the 3D D-Cubed software components.

Highlights of this release include extended support for the recently introduced spin surface geometry type and improved over-defined model diagnostics for the 3D DCM.

Further algorithms have been multi-threaded in the CDM and HLM, improving performance when computing clearance (also known as closest approach) in the CDM, and when working with large tolerant models in the HLM.

D-Cubed 3D Dimensional Constraint Manager (3D DCM)

D-Cubed Hidden Line Manager (HLM)

D-Cubed Collision Detection Manager (CDM)

D-Cubed Assembly Engineering Manager (AEM)

About PLM Components: D-Cubed 3D DCM, CDM, AEM and HLM

PLM Components are software tools that support innovation and promote interoperability in CAD, CAM, CAE and PLM applications. Siemens PLM Software develops these components, uses them throughout its own applications and licenses them to independent software vendors and end-user organizations. PLM Components include the 3D D-Cubed components, widely used technologies that provide assembly part-positioning, parametric control of 3D sketches and part shapes, accurate and rapid collision and clearance computations, motion simulation and hidden line functionality.


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