Jeeves Information Systems Opens U.S. Headquarters

CHICAGO –– Jeeves Information Systems, a leading developer of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, announced today that the company has established a new headquarters for North American operations, in Chicago. 

Led by Bernt Olausson, President of Jeeves Information Systems Inc., the U.S. office will serve the Jeeves community in North America with a dedicated executive and product team, to meet the unique needs of the market and provide exceptional service. 

The company’s flagship product, Jeeves Universal, is a fully integrated solution that offers medium-sized businesses the advantage of a flexible system on standardized software, for a customized solution that meets the specific needs of each customer. Jeeves Universal delivers ease of use and allows for simplified upgrades, allowing Jeeves to adapt to business changes quickly.

Jeeves Universal offers an exceptionally low cost of ownership, and has been adopted worldwide in 40+ countries. Jeeves’ ERP solutions are used by more than 4,600 companies in the manufacturing, process, distribution and services sectors.  
“The complexity of business today, with requirements of fast and continuous process adaptation even on a global scale, demands a proven ERP solution that can improve business processes and productivity to a low cost over time. Jeeves Universal fits the bill, with a cost-efficient, agile solution,” said Olausson. “Together with our reseller partners we are proud to bring Jeeves Universal to the North American market, supported by a team of professionals to help customers get up and running quickly.”

Jeeves currently has offices in France, Germany, the UK and Norway, with corporate headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

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