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MTI Systems Sells Costimator To Their 1,500th Customer

MTI Systems has announced that it has sold its copyrighted Costimator software to their 1,500th customer — a milestone moment for the West Springfield, MA cost estimating software company.

WEST SPRINGFIELD, MAMTI Systems has announced that it has sold its copyrighted Costimator® software to their 1,500th customer  a milestone moment for the West Springfield, MA cost estimating software company.

MTI Systems has been providing cost estimating software and estimation services for the manufacturing industry since 1982. The company has always supported both suppliers and OEMs and in the process, has evolved into one of the industry’s pre-eminent cost estimating software development companies thanks to its proprietary Costimator software.

“It’s an incredibly satisfying and humbling feeling to get to 1,500,” said MTI Systems President Tom Charkiewicz. “While we service the manufacturing industry and fill an obvious need in the marketplace, we’re also a software company at our core. For any software company to be around this long and be this successful is a real testament to our people, their ideas and work ethics.”

Costimator was originally created in 1982 as a means for suppliers to reduce estimating time without compromising accuracy or consistency. Over the years, the software has undergone several dramatic overhauls, but still is every bit as relevant and necessary as it was at its inception. Having started in a basement 32 years ago, the journey from that moment to its current global reach today has been a gratifying one for Charkiewicz.

“While we’re certainly happy to see our customers grow and become successful, it’s also been a wonderful experience to watch the software develop – not just for more specialized purpose, but also to see the user-base expand,” concluded Charkiewicz. “The whole underlying premise since day-1 has been to make it as intuitive and customizable as possible. Because of that flexibility, our customers use the software in ways we, ourselves could not imagine. Furthermore, in being responsive to their needs, we have been able to evolve the software in an acutely customer-facing way. I think it’s just as much a testament to the power of the software as it is to the ingenuity of the people who use it.”

About Costimator

Costimator cost estimating and quoting software began development in 1982. Originally designed for suppliers, it reduces estimating time, while not compromising accuracy or consistency for manufacturers who do machining, fabrication and mechanical assembly. The cost estimating software system calculates cycle times and the cost of manufacturing a part or assembly based on the capabilities of the suppliers’ equipment and their shop rates.  In recent years, many more manufacturing processes have been added to Costimator helping to meet the needs of new technology suppliers and OEMs in industries such as, aerospace, agriculture, defense, electronics, medical, heavy truck, energy, transportation, and construction manufacturers.

About MTI Systems, Inc. 

MTI Systems provides cost estimating software and estimation services for the manufacturing industry, serving both suppliers and OEMs.  For more details, please visit

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