Xplore Technologies Corp. has unveiled two new detachable 2-in-1 mobile computers:  The Windows-powered XBOOK B10 and the Android-powered XBOOK D10 are rugged platforms designed to be laptop and desktop replacement solutions for enterprise organizations.

  • XBOOK B10: Featuring a detachable, spill-resistant keyboard, the Windows-based XBOOK B10 2-in-1 rugged tablet is the ideal laptop replacement that also offers mobile design features that only come with rugged tablets, such as sunlight viewable 10” touch and pen input display.
  • XBOOK D10: The Android-based XBOOK D10 combines rugged 2-in-1 tablet design featuring a detachable, spill-resistant keyboard with the highly mobile Android OS, providing users with the perfect mobile office device to get work done in any environment.

These 2.4-pound rugged tablet-based mobile office solutions have been carefully equipped with the usability features, high-performance Intel processing power and professional-grade security requirements that manufacturers need to provide a consistent and easily managed computing experience to both field-based and office-bound workers. Not only is the Xplore XBOOK designed to be a laptop for the office desk, but a full vehicle-mounted notebook and an easily transportable tablet with a spill-resistant detachable keyboard.

“The recent uptick in worker mobility has led to increased market demand for more convertible computing devices that equally satisfy the data-intensive workflow demands of employees who tend to spend their time at a desk, as well as those frequently called into the field,” explained John Graff, vice president of marketing, Xplore. “That is why Xplore is now expanding its rugged computer portfolio beyond the traditional tablet-only offerings. The Xplore XBOOK detachable 2-in-1 is the ideal mobile computing platform – and laptop replacement — for nearly every field, industrial, and in-vehicle workflow. It is also the easiest, and most cost-effective, way to achieve complete Windows- or Android-based business mobility in a 10” form factor.”

With an industry-leading number of I/O ports, advanced pen and Glove touch capabilities, reliable wireless connectivity and an easily attached spill-resistant keyboard and Kickstand, the Xplore XBOOK detachable 2-in-1 computer performs for workers who can’t afford to be offline or “out of office” when they leave the office. Just grab and go with this lightweight, physically resilient tablet PC, which boasts a large, sunlight-viewable multi-touch screen for easy data collection, review and sharing, even when mobile in the field. An integrated fingerprint reader enables instant, secure access along with other multi-factor authentication options.

“By standardizing all workers on the XBOOK 2-in-1, organizations will immediately eliminate the complex IT challenges and expensive productivity disruptions experienced in a multi-device environment,” Graff added.

Xplore Technologies