Manufacturing Minute: Flexible Smartwatch Displays

In this episode, Polyera’s bendable smartwatch could finally bring flexible displays into the mainstream.

There have been curved TVs, smartphones and flexible display concepts, but nothing has really become the must-have for consumers. That might be about to change with the Wove, a new prototype from flexible electronics company Polyera.

What makes the Wove interesting is that it's one of the first bendable touchscreen displays outfitted on a wrist-worn wearable, and it's coming out next year.

The company’s CEO thinks that consumers are ready for a wearable that is more of a unique type of computer than a smartphone saying, “It’s really about having a persistent, large display experience that is worn.”

The Wove runs a variant of Android and you’ll be able to load it with software using standard web languages, including JavaScript and HTML5.


Do you think wearables with more advanced technology like the Wove is the future of connectivity? Or will it be another passing fade?

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