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Photo of the Day: 11-Year-Old Takes the 'No Pop Challenge'

What would you do for $500? Jonathan Sarisky, 11, successfully completed a year of the "No Pop Challenge" in exchange for the cash. Sarisky, from Livingston, Mont., avoided soda, hot chocolate, milkshakes and any other sugary beverages for the year.

(AP Photo/Livingston Enterprise, Hunter D'Antuono)

An 11-year-old boy from Montana, Jonathan Sarisky, is offering lessons in self-discipline to Americans who struggle to stick with their New Years Resolutions. Why? Because Sarisky just successfully completed a full year without sugary drinks. According to this story from the Associated Press, Sarisky's parents offered the then-10-year-old and his brother Andrew a choice for Christmas last year: $100 as a gift or $500 in a year if they avoid all soda, hot chocolate, milkshakes and any other sugary beverages. 

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