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By The Numbers: California Oil Spill

Here's a look at the response to the catastrophic spill so far.

On May 19, an onshore pipeline broke, spilling up to 101,000 gallons of crude in Santa Barbara County. About 21,000 gallons washed into a storm drain and flowed out to the Pacific.

Cleanup crews have worked around the clock to contain the oil in the ocean and remove the substance on beaches and rocks.

Here's a look at the response effort so far:

NUMBER OF WORKERS: 852 in the field and 109 at the command post

DEAD ANIMALS RECOVERED: 288, including 187 birds and 101 marine mammals

OILY WATER RECOVERED: 14,267 gallons

OILY SAND RECOVERED: 960 cubic yards

BEACH CLOSURES: Refugio State Beach and El Capitan State Beach. El Capitan is set to reopen on June 26.

COST TO DATE: At least $65 million

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