How to Get Management More Involved in Your PSM Program

Does your management team actually understand what’s involved in process safety management? For many organizations, the answer is no. Management often doesn’t realize how much goes into completing each of the 14 PSM elements, telling their teams to simply “get it done." However, there are ways to increase management’s PSM involvement.

Too often, management becomes aware of PSM when OSHA or EPA knocks on the door. Thousands of dollars in fines grab attention quite well. But for an approach that’s not reactionary, look to PSM education.

Here are some great educational courses dedicated to PSM:

Process Safety Management Audits by the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Curriculum includes:

        Overview of PSM systems audits

        The audit process

        Auditing techniques

        Audit techniques workshop

        Auditing approaches: interactive workshop

Process Safety Management / Risk Management Plans for the Ammonia Operator by Garden City Community College

Curriculum includes:

        An overview of PSM and RMP regulations

        Ongoing employee participation

        Application of management of change

        Maintenance of SOPs and EOPs

        Program audit requirements

        Pre-startup safety checklists

        Process hazard analysis revalidation

        Worst-case release scenario

PSM / RMP for the Ammonia Operator by Lanier Technical College

Curriculum includes:

        OSHA / EPA / DHS – a brief history

        Sections included in PSM and RMP

        Assignments on selected areas

        Accounts of incidents from various companies



If management can’t commit to a 40-hour course, consider more specific, on-site PSM training. For example, Stellar travels to plants around the country, spending one or two days teaching a specific PSM element such as “How to properly create a management of change.”

However, no matter the method of education, management awareness is especially important for your PSM program–they should know and understand what they are requiring personnel to comply with. Investing in education is money well spent.

If you’d like to learn about more ways to involve management in your PSM program, email me at

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