Batteryless Way to Energy Efficiency

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High energy efficiency goals demand flexible automation systems for a variety of buildings over several areas.

Global challenges in energy generation and consumption motivates governments worldwide to set ambitious goals for increased energy efficiency, which results in a fast growing need for energy-efficient buildings. Therefore, innovative, sustainable technologies that can be easily installed, especially in retrofit projects, are a necessity if the governments’ ambitious objectives are to be realized.

Buildings consume more than 40 percent of primary energy. Over a trillion dollars in energy savings opportunities are available in the U.S., but in order to realize these savings, state and local programs need to become involved by financing efficiency measures — offering programs such as repayment on utility bills or property tax bills. Such measures, including the support of efficient technologies to increase energy productivity across the economy, are part of the Energy 2030 plan of the Alliance Commission on National Energy Efficiency Policy, with U.S. government objectives to cut energy waste in buildings and homes in half.

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