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New Fans Cut Lead Times

It was the need to keep employees cool that ultimately drove Stone Panels, Inc., and its facilities manager, Dewey Winker, to look into installing HVLS fans throughout the facility to reduce the temperature and the humidity in the facility.

Located in the heart of Coppell, Texas, just outside of Dallas, Stone Panels Incorporated manufactures one of a kind, light-weight stone veneer panels used in new construction and renovations across the globe. The individualized StoneLight® panels require an even more unique manufacturing process to prepare the stones for offices, homes, schools, and other external facades.

With a long standing history spanning many decades and multiple continents, Stone Panels has recently relocated all of its operations and manufacturing to Texas. This 166,000 square foot facility is home to every step of their manufacturing process from receiving raw materials to shipping finished goods to customers around the world.

The design of the facility incorporates multiple areas and work stations each dedicated to a specific step in the manufacturing process. The facility does not have a centralized air-conditioning system and working in close quarters in a humid, and often times dusty facility can lead to uncomfortable employees and a drop in productivity. And with a product that generally has long lead times, any additional delays can be devastating to order processing and profitability.

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