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Engineering Newswire: Drone Flies, Floats & Dives Underwater

This Engineering Newswire looks at landing a drone on a moving target at full speed, taking a load off in a wearable chair and flying, floating and diving with a nifty drone.

Autonomous Landing at Full Speed

An unmanned, electric, autonomous aircraft traveling at 45 mph gently landed on the roof of a moving car. The test flight took place at an airfield in Bavaria and involved a 9.8 ft., 44 lb., fixed-wing UAV.

According to researchers from the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics at the German Aerospace Center, this was the first time this feat has been done, and it demonstrates a technique that could lead to lighter, longer flying UAVs.

The Wearable Chair

All you surgeons, restaurant industry professionals, and retail workers can finally take a load off your feet with the Archelis wearable chair, which is about to hit markets this summer.

The chair was designed by Yokohama-based mold factory Nitto in collaboration with Chiba University’s Center for Frontier Medical Engineering, Hiroaki Nishimura Design, and Japan Polymer Technology.

Initially designed to help surgeons alleviate back pain and weary legs during long operations, the wearable looks more like a leg brace than a chair. The device wraps around your legs and buttocks, providing support whenever needed.

Drone Flies, Floats & Dives Underwater

Oakland University has developed a Loon Copter which can fly, move along the surface of water like a boat, and even explore underwater like a submarine.

The Loon Copter flies similarly to any other quadcopter and floats when it comes to rest on water. It can then use propellers to push itself along the surface or pump water into its buoyancy chamber to sink itself.

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