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MM Blog: A Smart Fire Sprinkler System

Here's a look at a sprinkler system that saves water while extinguishing house fires.

London-based manufacturer Plumis has created what it calls the Automist Smartscan. It operates using a wireless heat sensor mounted on the ceilings.

If the sensor detects temperatures in excess of 135 degrees Fahrenheit, the system scans the room, using an algorithm to find the source of the fire. When the target is found, the wall-mounted Automist sprays a high-pressure jet of water mist into the flames.

The high-pressure mist cools, smothers and extinguishes the fire instead of simply drowning it in water. The Automist Smartscan uses only about 10 percent of the water traditional systems use.


Do you think this sprinkler system could be adapted for industrial use? What are some disadvantages of this system compared to traditional sprinklers?

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