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MM Blog: The Aerodynamic, Transforming Concept From Mercedes-Benz

A look at the morphing, aerodynamic concept car from Mercedes-Benz that literally transforms while you drive it.

Last week, Mercedes-Benz turned heads when its super-sleek, ultra-modern “Concept Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile” made its U.S. debut at CES 2016. Of course, the concept has all the usual bells and whistles typically found on a Mercedes, but the IAA concept is unique because the four-door coupe transform shapes at high speeds to reduce drag on the vehicle. Because of this, Mercedes says it’s the most aerodynamic vehicle they’ve ever made.

Once the car hits 50 mph, fins will extend in the front and back of the car increasing its length by up to 15 inches. Additionally, the bumper widens by an inch, and the wheel rims alter their concave shape from 2 inches to zero. With this aerodynamic function, Mercedes says that the IAA concept can reach top speeds of 150 mph all while saving the driver fuel.


Do you think this cool concept will ever make it past the showroom floor? Could a morphing, aerodynamic car become yet another trend in the race to a more fuel-efficient future?

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