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NEMA 4 Orbital Mouse

CTI Electronics introduces a new NEMA 4 (IP 66) Orbital Mouse®, an OM20U2 button-style mouse pointer for instrumentation applications with either indoor or outdoor requirements.

CTI Electronics introduces the compact NEMA 4 (IP 66) Orbital Mouse® cursor, the OM20U2 Model.

Users experience a fast moving pointer with a light touch of the finger, obsolescing force pressure-sensitive devices that eventually break down. The low profile button-style pointer makes it the perfect solution for limited space situations, such as instrumentation equipment, outdoor monitoring or surveillance equipment, handheld mobile devices, etc.  Left and right mouse buttons are easily operated with the same one-finger operation.

Designed for commercial, industrial, medical, aerospace, or military instrumentation applications, the new environmental sealing eliminates moisture and dirt contaminants, protects against harsh chemicals, oils, and solvents, and requires no maintenance.  Also, it can be exposed to extreme temperature ranges, high humidity, precipitation, and debris.

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