Hairball Beer Plus 6 Other Prank Products Debuting On April Fools' 2016

Some companies have used April Fools' Day to stretch their creative legs with IoT trousers, X-wing aircraft and, yes, hairball-flavored beer.

Although April Fools’ Day is often met with mistrust and pre-prank paranoia, some companies have used the day to stretch their creative legs. From a feline-inspired refreshment to a Star Wars fans’ dream come true, here are seven of the best fake products and innovations debuting today. 

1. Lenovo Face Shield

No one should be expected to sit upright every time they fiddle on their phone. And Lenovo knows this, but still confine this face-saving shield to prank-product status.

2. Google Self-Driving Bicycle

With fresh air, safety features and ample workspace, the benefits of this self-driving bicycle write themselves.

3. New Belgium Hairball Hefeweizen

You know when you want a cold, refreshing drink of — hairball? This is one of those innovations better left unexplored.

4. Samsung’s "Internet of Trousers"

These pants’ IoT-enabled features include auto-zipping Wi-Fly, Keep-Your-Pants-On Mode, Fridge Lock and more. For example, increased waist tension in these jeans could automatically lock your refrigerator door and, if the pants sense prolonged periods of inactivity, devices located in the back pockets will shock you onto your feet to keep you moving. Of course, all of the information collected from the Internet of Trousers — “included but not limited to belly bulge and perspiration levels” — will not be shared with third parties.

5. Air Force X-Wing

The U.S. Air Forces Central Command Office came up with a brilliant replacement for its A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft: the X-wing. Considering the craft’s maneuverability, it would make tense missions a breeze. Unfortunately, Luke, Poe and Finn will be the only ones flying this one.

6. Lexus Velcro

Always looking ways for to make the driving experience even more luxurious, Lexus turned to Velcro to further connect “man and machine” on the road. Who needs an autopilot when you could be stuck to your seat?

7. Army Teleportation Device

Consistently pushing the boundaries of technology, the U.S. Army has done it again by finally cracking the code to teleportation. In a press release announcing the breakthrough, the Army noted it successfully transported a fully equipped squad from Massachusetts to a training area in Germany. The results from ongoing studies are expected to be announced on April 1, 2017 — so be sure to check back in next April Fools’ Day.

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