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AT & T's TV Service Coming To Xbox, Windows Phones

Company takes its U-Verse TV service nationwide as an app for cell phones, and people who have the TV service at home will be able to watch through Xbox 360 consoles.

DALLAS (AP) -- AT&T Inc. said Monday it's taking its U-Verse TV service nationwide as an application for cell phones, selling access to TV shows for $9.99 per month even to people who aren't U-Verse subscribers at home.

AT&T has been selling broadcast TV services from Qualcomm Inc.'s FLO TV subsidiary, but Qualcomm is winding down that business for lack of subscribers. Only certain phones were able to receive the signals.

AT&T is preloading the U-Verse application on phones with Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 software. The first of them goes on sale Nov. 8.

The Dallas-based phone company also said people who have U-Verse TV service at home will be able to watch it through Xbox 360 game consoles, starting Friday. Xbox users will be able to toggle between gaming and watching TV without any interruption and without using any separate cable box.

The expansion with Xbox and Windows Phone 7 comes as part of a wide-ranging deal with Microsoft Corp. that the companies unveiled Monday.
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