mPhase Develops Disposable "Green" Nanobattery

Smart Nanobattery has neutralizing action that allows safe disposable to protect the environment.

mPhase Technologies has developed a disposable battery that uses advanced chemistries but is still safe for the environment, the company announced Wednesday.

mPhase's Smart Nanobattery can be equipped with features that would allow safe disposal, compared to most currently available batteries that can harm the environment when not properly disposed.

The prototype battery uses various chemicals as electrolytes residing on top of nano structures in a dormant state and when triggered, cause an electrochemical reaction to produce a measurable voltage and current under a load. Some cells are reserved to create the neutralizing chemical reaction at the end of the battery life.

The Smart Nanobattery's energy source can be packaged in various configurations, with a shelf life that could last for decades, yet would still be able to be activated almost instantaneously on demand.

Applications include defense, industrial and consumer electronics.

The company has applied for patent protection for its battery design.


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