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MM Blog: Autonomous Public Transportation

A look at self-driving public transportation already available in France.

The future is clear. Within the next couple of decades, cheaper, safer and more efficient self-driving vehicles will invade our roads, and it’s already begun. With autonomous public transportation, future generations in urban areas might even skip learning to drive. In a move toward that direction, I introduce you to the Navya Arma, the French shuttle bus already on sale and deployed on a number of geofenced sites. 

Fully electric and capable of operating as a set-route bus or an on-demand taxi, the Arma carries up to 15 people at a top speed of about 28 mph. The vehicle doesn’t require any specific infrastructure beyond an inductive charging station, and uses GPS LiDar and stereo cameras to see and sense to avoid static and dynamic obstacles. Currently being used at closed, large company complexes and undergoing road testing, the Arma should be ready for a full road rollout once all the technological and legal frameworks are sorted out for autonomous vehicles. 


Are we ready for self-driving public transportation? What drawbacks do you see for autonomous vehicles? 

Email us or leave your comments below. 

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