MM Blog: A Jet-Powered Hoverboard

A look at how the so-called “Flyboard Air” learned to fly.

Recently, a video went viral of a man successfully flying mid-air on a contraption resembling a hoverboard and a jetpack. Although reports arose that the video was just a massive hoax, it turns out CEO Frank Zapata of Zapata Racing did indeed successfully fly what he calls the “Flyboard Air.” According to an exclusive interview with The Verge, Zapata clarifies that the device is a combination of a board, fuel tank and a remote. In fact, Zapata says that the fuel tank is essentially a backpack full of kerosene.

The jet-powered hoverboard is comprised of six engines (each with 250 horsepower) meaning that the total horsepower is around 1,000. Zapata said that he was able to fly the Flyboard Air after four years of work, and he recommended that no one should operate it without at least 50 to 100 hours of practice logged. Now that the hoverboard is operational, Zapata says the next step is creating a version that anyone can ride.


Do you think a jet-powered hoverboard for the masses could ever be a reality? Where else could this technology and design be useful?

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