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MM Blog: Wind Turbines Without Blades

A look at a disc-like wind turbine inspired by sailboats.

Current wind energy technology is often criticized as not being an efficient alternative energy solution because the generated energy is either used immediately or lost due to lack of storage, plus it’s difficult to find a proper place for them due to safety, noise and the turbine blades can kill birds in flight. 
That’s why Saphon Energy didn’t want to improve the current turbine technology, but rather come up with a different idea entirely.

The Saphonian is a bladeless, non-rotating turbine that moves in a figure-eight motion, using the energy from the motion in a similar manner to the way a sail captures kinetic energy from the wind. The energy can also be stored using a hydraulic system as a link between the mechanical and electrical stages.
Saphon Energy claims the new turbine to be twice as efficient as traditional turbines and at least 45 percent cheaper to manufacture.


Will this turbine design create a big push toward wind energy? What issues do you foresee with the new design?

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