Mfg Min Recap: Nanosatellites In Deep Space; Roach-Like Robots

This week in manufacturing, we look at NASA's new megarocket that will launch nanosatellites beyond the moon and cockroach-inspired search-and-rescue robots. Check out this week's Manufacturing Minute Recap. 

Megarocket To Study Deep Space With Nanosatellites

In this episode, NASA's 323-foot-tall Space Launch System will launch in 2018 with 13 nanosatellites outside of low-Earth orbit. Watch the concept here:

A Creepy Cockroach-Inspired Robot

In this episode, the robot prototype CRAM (compressible robot with articulated mechanisms) mimics the strength and agility of the American cockroach. Watch the science behind it here:


What should the nanosatellites explore in deep space? Is the cockroach a practical source of inspiration in designing robotics?

Email us or leave your comments below. 

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