CES 2016: Five Promising Products You’ll Actually Want To Take Home

As the three-day showcase wraps up, here are five products — out of hundreds — that seem especially promising.

The beauty of the annual Consumer Electronics Show is that it’s a showcase of (almost) all innovative products that people can really use. The helper robots, high-tech drones, smart appliances, automotive breakthroughs and wearables debuting at CES 2016 have a good chance of showing up in homes everywhere.

As the three-day showcase wraps up, here are five products — out of hundreds — that seem especially promising.

1. 18-Inch Rollable Display By LG Display Co.

With this bendable tech, your TV could go anywhere. The 18-inch prototype — not yet ready for retail sales — is an OLED panel with a 1,200-by-800 pixel resolution. The O stands for organic, which, according to the BBC, lights up the screen without the need for a bulky back panel. A 55-inch screen in the works will deliver 4K resolution.

2. Contactless Payment Wearable By MasterCard

Fitness bands by Moov, Atlas Wearables and Nymi become wearable wallets through a partnership between MasterCard and Coin.

3. Brewie

How much easier could beer brewing get? This device lets you get hands-on with crafting your very own beer, but without enormous time and effort investments. You throw in some hops, malts and water, select (or create) a recipe, and in a few hours, you’ll be ready to pour a refreshing pint.

4. Samsung Gear VR Headsets

After decades of tech-teases, it seems like virtual reality is entering the consumer market in a big way. With this headset, Samsung makes it as easy as strapping your cellphone right to your face.

5. Everykey

This little heavily encrypted device promises to remove the need to remember any password or carry any other key. It will automatically unlock your phone, computer, front door and more, plus log you into any websites without having to enter anything. Fortunately, it also has a “freeze” function in case you lose the one key to rein them all. In that event, your old passwords will do the trick.

What CES 2016 gadgets have you been eyeing up this year? What useful product would you include in this list? Comment below or tweet @MNetKatie.

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