2018 State of the Industry Report, Part 4

In part four of the State of the Industry report series, we look to the future.

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Editor's note: We'll post one part of this exclusive report every Friday in October as part of Manufacturing.net's month-long celebration of Manufacturing Day. Previous posts in this series can be found here: Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

Part 4 looks to the future. Change often comes with potential benefit. Increased efficiency can have a cascading effect on the success of a business.

3D printing company Ultimaker found in a survey that the cost of U.S. manufacturing is $4,258,341 per minute, with a corresponding revenue of $4,280,821. That works out to a margin for profitability per minute of $22,480. That’s a high margin, meaning major time and cost savings can come from minor changes in efficiency.

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