Baby Boomers Embrace Technology

This chart shows device ownership among Americans aged 50+ in 2017, by age group.

While Millennials, often referred to as digital natives, have grown up using technology and are thus fully versed in the world of bits and bytes, the post-war generation known as Baby Boomers is having a harder time adjusting to modern technology. While using electronic devices may not come as naturally to those aged 50+ as it does to younger people, that doesn’t necessarily mean that older Americans are disconnected from the modern world of technology. 

recent report by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) shows that many Americans aged 50 and older are embracing technology to stay connected with their families and the world in general. According to the AARP’s findings, 7 in 10 Americans above the age of 50 own a smartphone and 9 in 10 own either a Laptop or a Desktop PC. The following chart provides a more detailed look at what devices older Americans are currently using and which ones they steer clear of for now.

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