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Improving Manufacturing Operations Effectiveness With MES

Improving Manufacturing Operations Effectiveness With MES Join us for this free, educational webinar, now available on-demand. You will: Learn about the role and value of real-time MES Learn about issues and opportunities to consider in closing the loop between ERP and MES Discover the value that an integrated solution can provide manufacturers See how Epicor’s MES and ERP integration provides real-time responsiveness

Improving Manufacturing Operations Effectiveness With MES

Do you have real-time insight and control into your manufacturing operations? Are you able to collaborate between your business systems and the plant floor effectively? Collaboration and real-time visibility are keys to business growth in a variety of areas these days, and manufacturing is no exception. Within manufacturing, ERP software typically manages scheduling, allocates resources, and tracks inventory - and conducts those processes in a top-down fashion. It has not, however, always been able to track the type of data most important to the manufacturing side of the business, often requiring duplicate entry into the plant floor MES. Without an up-to-date and accurate view of manufacturing operations, it can be challenging for management to identify operating efficiencies in a fluid, responsive way that takes the needs and current operating environment of manufacturing fully into account.

An integrated ERP and MES solution offers the prospect of a complete and accurate real-time view into business operations. When empowered with an accurate view of manufacturing operations, business executives can effectively and continually optimize processes, improve responsiveness, drive quality, and ensure that they remain competitive and able to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Abbey Dean

Tom Muth
Senior Manager/Product Marketing
Epicor Software

David A. Turbide
Independent Consultant, Analyst & Freelance Writer

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