Manufacturing Minute: Japan’s Soap-Proof, Washable Phone

In this episode, the world’s first soap-proof phone.

In this episode, the world’s first soap-proof phone. This is your Manufacturing Minute.

Waterproofing phones isn’t exactly a new idea. In fact, manufacturers in Japan debuted this technology years ago. But just because the phones were waterproof didn’t mean they were clean or bacteria-free.

Hence, Japanese smartphone producer Kyocera’s latest product: a washable phone. The company says the phone is designed to work in a variety of environments and, if it gets dirty, you can easily wash it clean.

Kyocera reportedly managed to create this soap-proof phone by finding a better way to seal the device.

For now, the smartphone is only available in Japan.

So, What Do You Think?

Could a washable phone be the next great thing? Is this a big win for germaphobes everywhere?

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