Laffite Debuts One of the Most Powerful All-Terrain Supercars

The company is only making 30 of them and the starting price is a steep $465,000.

Based in Los Angeles, Laffite Supercars designs unique concept cars and manufactures short-run automobiles.

This week, the company introduced the X-Road, a street-legal all-terrain vehicle that combines off-road power with high-end luxury.

The X-Road delivers up to 700 horsepower and weighs 2,866 pounds, which gives the driver a horsepower-to-pound ratio of 4.09 lbs/hp. Now, that won't exactly put it in the top 10, where supercars like the Hennessey Venom GT2 has a horsepower-to-pound ratio of 55.87 hp/lb, but according to the company, that does give it the best performance from an all-terrain supercar.

The car has a 17-inch suspension travel that allows drivers to jump like a Dakar rally prototype in the desert or casually drive through the neighborhood.

The company is only making 30 of them and plans to start delivering them by the end of 2020, however the starting price is steep $465,000. If you want the electric version, tack on another $80k to start.

Laffite Supercars is owned by former professional race car driver Bruno Laffite and his wife Laetitia. The company has operations in LA, Miami and Valencia, Spain. The final car assembly will take place at the Los Angeles facilities and the car is registered for the road in California. Bruno is also the nephew of legendary Formula One driver Jacques Laffite.

Now, if the car looks familiar, that's because it's nearly identical to the the SandRacer 500GT that debuted in December 2015. In June 2017, supercar manufacturer Zarooq Motors announced that the luxury supercar was ready for limited production.

The launch had some eerie similarities. For example, the initial production run was going to be 35 cars. And it started at $450,000. Oh, and one of Zarooq Motors' founders? Former professional race car driver Bruno Laffite, nephew of legendary Formula One driver Jacques Laffite.

The Sandracer was once called the "Off-Road Lamborghini of Arabia." Now, the company has all but disappeared. Let's hope the X-Road doesn't suffer a similar fate. 

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