Manufacturing Minute: Piping Hot Pizza Car

In this episode, Domino’s creates the pizza delivery car of your late night dreams.

Domino's, formally known as Domino’s Pizza, has unveiled a purpose-built pizza-delivery vehicle called the Domino's Delivery Expert (DXP) with a built-in oven to keep your pizza lava hot.  Based on a Chevrolet Spark, the design and production of the DXP took over three years and included a crowd sourced design competition in 2013 run by Local Motors.

The DXP’s built-in oven, which can be heated up to 140° Fahrenheit, is designed for easy loading and unloading and is accessible via the touch of a key fob to ensure that the precious cargo remains secure from wandering packs of drunk college kids. The oven can hold two of Domino's Heatwave bags, and the DXP can accommodate up to 80 pizzas in total.

Domino's is in the process of rolling out 100 DXPs across the US, including in Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, New Orleans, San Diego and Seattle.


Are purpose-built vehicles like this a great way for small manufacturers to branch out? Or is this nothing we haven’t already seen?

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