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Manufacturing Minute: Hyundai’s Augmented Reality Owners’ Manual

In this episode, an augmented reality owners’ manual.

This week automaker Hyundai announced the development of a revolutionary tool: an augmented reality owners’ manual app. Now, while this sounds like a mouthful, Hyundai’s new virtual guide could literally demystify basic car maintenance for owners everywhere.

Essentially, the idea is that the user would point the camera of the device (either a smartphone or tablet for instance) at the car’s engine. The app would then recognize what you’re looking at and would relay information to you.

Even better, Hyundai says that the app contains 82 how-to videos and more than 50 informational guides.Currently, the app is just available for the 2016 Sonata, but the automaker says it will work for more cars in the future.


Is an augmented reality owners’ manual the next big thing in automotive maintenance? Is this futuristic app more user-friendly? 

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