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Manufacturing Minute: A Drone’s Eye View Of Tesla’s Gigafactory

In this episode, an update on Tesla’s revolutionary Gigafactory.

Up until now, there hasn’t been much in the way of images of the Gigafactory’s construction process. It’s mostly just been a lot of boring concept art.

That is, until a drone pilot and his quadrocopter managed to shoot a video of the Gigafactory in progress.

Tesla bills the Gigafactory as a way to help “accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transportation.” How? Well, according to CEO Elon Musk, the 5.5 million square-foot factory was born out of necessity simply because Tesla would never be able to meet their production goal of 500,000 cars per year without a massive supply of lithium-ion batteries on hand.

The Gigafactory is notable for its size, predicted output and because it will also be completely powered by renewable energy.

Tesla aims to begin battery cell production by 2017 with the hopes of reaching full capacity by 2020.


Will Tesla’s Gigafactory live up to all the hype? Could one manufacturing facility really fast forward the transition to electric vehicles? 

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