Manufacturing Minute: Lamborghini’s New Luxury SUV

Also in this episode, the Lexus hoverboard and why manufacturers might sue the EPA.

In this episode, Luxury SUVs, a hoverboard that might actually work and what the new EPA standards mean for manufacturers.

Bonjourno, SUV

Low gas prices are leading more car buyers to purchase sport-utility vehicles, and one of the most exclusive car companies in the world is looking to capitalize.

Italian sportscar maker Lamborghini currently makes just two models with 6-figure asking prices. Its third, however, will be the Urus, a new luxury S.U.V.

But the question is: How will Lamborghini's clientele react to a vehicle that looks more at home in the suburbs than on European highways?

The Electric Slide

“Back to the Future II” teased that 2015 would be the year of the hoverboard and, apparently, Lexus might just make this prediction a reality. Dubbed the slide, this Lexus hoverboard uses magnetic levitation and liquid nitrogen fueled superconductors to stay afloat. The Slide is set to make its public debut this week. Here’s hoping it’s as cool as Marty McFly’s.

Going Green

Two prominent business groups could take the Obama administration to court over recently announced plans to cut emissions from power plants.

The National Association of Manufacturers and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce each said that litigation is on the table to combat the White House proposal, which would enact standards even stricter than the original Clean Power Plan unveiled in 2014.

Some states will likely sue over the plan. If it survives court challenges, states would be required to cut emissions from their power plants by nearly one-third by 2030.

Are opponents right to be worried that the new requirements could hurt the economy? Is the White House reaching too far into the nation's energy market?

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