Manufacturing Minute: China Wants In On The High-Speed Railway Between LA And Vegas

In this episode, a controversial high-speed railway idea might just become a reality.

The controversial plans for a high-speed railway between Los Angeles and Vegas, and why China wants in on the project.

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For years, there’s been chatter about plans to construct a high-speed railway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but now this bold idea might just become a reality.

XPressWest recently announced a new partnership with a consortium led by the China Railway Group. With their finances combined and a cool $100 million as an initial investment, the groups hope to begin construction of the 185 miles of exclusive track in September of next year.

And, although the final cost is unclear, the project is estimated to cost upwards of $7 billion.   

So, What Do You Think?

Is a high-speed railway between the two cities a good idea or even a sound investment? Is this another glance into the future of transportation?  

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