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Google Hires Software Engineer Behind Tesla’s Autopilot Feature

Poaching employees is becoming something of a trend among the automotive elite.

Reports emerged this week that Robert Rose (who most recently helped Tesla launch its Autosteer and Autopilot features) recently accepted a job with Google.

9to5Google first published the news after noticing an updated rĂ©sumĂ© on Rose’s LinkedIn page.  Rose left Tesla after Autopilot was released in October, which is reportedly when Google swooped in.

Before moving on to Tesla, Rose worked at SpaceX for five years — another of Tesla CEO’s Elon Musk’s companies.

Although Rose’s new role as a software engineer for Google Robotics has yet to be more clearly defined, it is assumed that Rose will assist Google in what has become a race to master autonomous car technology.

Poaching employees has also become something of a back-and-forth match between Apple, Google and Tesla among others.

In fact, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently commented on the trend stating that Apple has become a “Tesla graveyard.”

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