Editor's Picks: How The Musks Became The First Family In Tech

Also, the politics of fast casual dining and a look inside the Wilson Football Factory.

This week my favorite stories from around the Internet include the politics of fast casual dining, a peek inside the Wilson Football Factory and a profile piece about the first family in tech: the Musks.

“Freedom From Fries” from The New Yorker

In the latest edition of The New Yorker, veteran journalist Michael Specter tackles how the rise of “fast casual” dining establishments (like Chipotle) are impacting the food industry. Specifically, how the prototypical fast food joint (like McDonald’s) is struggling to keep up with the changing interests and tastes of consumers. Specter also discusses how government subsidies factor into this complex topic and what America’s shifting appetites mean for farmers.

“How Elon Musk’s Mom (And Her Twin Sister) Raised The First Family Of Tech” from Vanity Fair

This profile piece delves into the compelling backstory of the childhood of Elon Musk and his brothers —Kimbal Musk, Lyndon Rive and Peter Rive — and sister, Tosca Musk. Vanity Fair offers a meticulously detailed account of how Emily Jane Fox (a model and teacher) raised her brood of brilliant young entrepreneurs. Although Elon is undoubtedly the most famous, a quick Google search will alert you that his siblings are just as successful and hold powerful positions within the tech world. For those of you interested in the Musks’ origin story, this is an ideal read.

“Inside The Wilson Football Factory” from WIRED

This video offers an incredible exclusive look inside the Wilson Football Factory in Ada, Ohio — the location where every NFL game ball is made by hand. It’s a gorgeous video with a step-by-step look at exactly how NFL-grade footballs make it onto the field.

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