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Editor’s Picks: The Morality Of The Maker Culture And The Future Of EVs

For this round of Editor’s Picks, I’ve handpicked pieces that highlight dilemmas within the manufacturing industry.

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For this round of Editor’s Picks, I’ve handpicked pieces that highlight dilemmas within the manufacturing industry. Each debate-worthy piece expounds upon the contentious subjects and offers insight into why these issues are so ripe for discussion.

“The Dilemmas of Maker Culture” from The Atlantic

The maker movement — a DIY subculture of engineering-oriented pursuits including 3-D printing, electronics and robotics — is a prickly subject. However, no matter how prickly, makers are currently reshaping part of the American economy. In this insightful article, John Tierney analyzes the educational, legal and equity pros and cons of the maker culture. Fair yet challenging, Tierney asks readers to consider the consequences of the proliferation of technology and information.

Here’s one evocative question that intrigued me: “Are we developing a moral and ethical framework as quickly as our technological capacities are evolving?”

“Is Fracking Moratorium The Solution For Quakes In Texas, Oklahoma?” from The Los Angeles Times

With the release of studies linking fracking to the higher number of earthquakes in Texas and Oklahoma, many across the Internet are, yet again, questioning the ethics of drilling for oil and natural gas. Some, including a fair number of politicians, have proposed a moratorium on wastewater disposal, which could help address the problem in the most affected areas. Anti-fracking activist are also worried that the industry is failing to respond to what could be causing irreversible damage.

In this piece, the writer expertly constructs the debate and poses important questions about the future of the energy industry. If you’re worried about the recent news or are curious to know more, then give this solid report a read.

“A Q&A with Mike Tinskey, the man behind Ford’s electric future” from The Verge

The automotive industry is in a sticky spot nowadays. Many in the industry are betting on the draw of EVs. In this behind-the-scenes Q&A with Ford’s Mike Tinskey, the global director of electrification and infrastructure, Tinskey addresses the debate what the future of transportation might bring. Check out the full transcript for an exclusive look at the future of EVs.

What were your favorite Internet reads this week? Comment below or tweet me @MNetAbbey.

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