Costimator Cost Estimating Software Integrates Calculated Costing For JobBOSS

MTI Systems, Inc. has announced that its flagship cost estimating software product Costimator®, after a recent upgrade to version 12, now integrates with the latest version of JobBOSS, version 11.7, also recently upgraded, by Exact Software. JobBOSS software is a leading shop management tool for manufacturing suppliers, such as job shops, contract manufacturers, machining and fabricating shops, as well as OEMs.

“Costimator exports critical data like cycle times, labor costs and material usage directly into JobBOSS,” said David LaJoie, Vice President of Sales for MTI Systems. “This helps JobBOSS customers quote jobs with a higher degree of accuracy. Also, with the two programs combined, it’s going to eliminate a lot of double data entry during the cost estimating phase, which makes the process easier as a whole.”

JobBOSS, developed by Exact Software, is one of the most commonly used shop management software solutions in the world, offering manufacturing suppliers a simple and easy to use system for tracking inventory, creating invoices, quoting and much more. With Costimator integrated with the JobBOSS software, the estimating task will be easier than ever before.

“Exact Software is extremely excited to team up again with MTI Systems, helping customers achieve, yet better productivity, than in the past,” said Matthew Heerey, General Manager for Exact JobBOSS. “Integrating both Costimator® and JobBOSS helps end-users calculate the estimated results that gets imported into Exact’s ERP (enterprise resource planning) for final quoting - improving speed, accuracy and consistency of their cost estimating.”

MTI Systems recently added more strength, with the release of V12, to the already powerful estimating arsenal it packs. Now more industries, beyond those who do machining and fabricating, achieve benefits in helping them calculate time and cost. Costimator provides estimators with a slew of estimating options where the majority of the estimated results are based off calculations. Now again these numbers get directly imported into JobBOSS where they are associated with company rates and costs are determined.

“On the whole, the joining of these two platforms, both with updated versions, should represent a real boon for manufacturers,” says LaJoie. “Both updates in each system offer are variety of new features and functionality that end with more benefits surrounding speed, accuracy, and consistency.”

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